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Attack surface discovery

To manage your security, you need to understand your exposure and potential attack surface area – you can only manage security risks when you know they exist. We help you establish how exposed you are, and what this might mean for your business.

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Understand your exposure

You might not know every system, host, domain or network under your control – especially in large enterprises where estates have been combined over time, or if you’re conducting due diligence for an acquisition. This could cause problems such as being unknowingly exposed to unmanaged risks. Or having shadow IT that you’re not aware of, and that could be vulnerable to exploitation.

What does your attack surface look like? As a new information security controller, you might need to establish an accurate picture of how your business ‘looks’ to an outside adversary. Considering the exposure of your company’s people, network and information is crucial. 

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What do we look for?

The approach we take depends on how your organisation operates. Our experience is vital when it comes to setting up a strategy, but the time we take to understand your main areas of concern is just as key.

Once we have a good picture of what we need to do, we will carry out one, two, or all three of the following:

Mapping of key personnel exposure
We highlight how key personnel in the business might be exposed to social engineering attacks.

Mapping of technical exposure 
We map network ranges, hostnames, domains and subdomains associated with your business.

Mapping of information exposure 
There may be business information available that an adversary could use to conduct phishing or other social engineering attacks.

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  • Detailed reports

    We provide a comprehensive report detailing the findings of our investigation, including sources for information and what it means in the context of a potential cyber attack.

  • We understand adversaries

    By applying the attacker mindset to the information we discover, we help you understand how an adversary would use the information to target your business.

  • Get the big picture

    This discovery process unlocks a full understanding of the external footprint of your organisation, and how this exposed footprint translates to risk for the business.

  • Practical fixes

    We provide actionable recommendations on how you can reduce unnecessary attack surface area, and suggest easy improvements where complete privacy is impossible.

How we work

The Cyberis way

We know the enemy
We’re experts in using the attacker mindset to inform our investigations. We can identify a great deal of information that might not be visible to others.

Review any assets
These services are passive, so we can conduct investigations even if ownership of your system assets might not be contractually clear.

Fresh eyes
We come to these investigations with an outside perspective, eliminating possible internal bias which can be limiting for these kinds of investigations.

Why Cyberis?

Accredited by the best

  • CREST member

    We’re fully accredited to provide a number of information security services.

  • Quality assured

    Our services are covered by our ISO9001 Quality Management System and our ISO27001 Information Security Management System.

  • Clear direction

    Our reports are clear and our advice is actionable, taking the burden of discovery from internal teams and providing targeted guidance based on what we discover.

Improve your security

Our experienced team will identify and address your most critical information security concerns.