In the retail sector, you need to be agile and innovative to keep up with consumer preferences. And because you process highly-sensitive personal information, you’re a target for opportunistic adversaries and organised criminal gangs. We can help you balance business innovation with managing risk and exposure.

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What are the risks?

High-profile data breaches can damage consumer confidence and impact your bottom line. You also need to stay GDPR compliant and meet contractual obligations with acquiring banks and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). We can help you stay secure while meeting these requirements.

We have considerable experience working with retailers at all levels – both bricks and mortar and e-commerce. We can help you understand how to innovate securely, and apply risk management programmes to achieve your goals.

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How we help protect you

In such a dynamic sector, many traditional approaches to risk management may not be flexible enough to meet your needs. For example, penetration testing alone can no longer capture the scale of e-commerce risks. 

We’ll work with you to achieve continuous monitoring of your information security over time, while assessing technical risk and keeping you compliant with regulatory requirements. 

As a retailer, you likely operate integrated and complex supply chains, and may need to account for legacy systems and integrations. Our red teaming services can simulate supply chain compromises, so you can understand the risk in your own supply chain.

Why Cyberis?

Accredited by the best

  • We know retail

    We understand the need to dynamically innovate in the retail space. And we will work with you to help you move ahead.

  • CREST accredited

    We have a proven track record of providing penetration testing and simulated targeted attacks to retail businesses.

  • Compliance testing

    We can provide penetration testing to meet compliance requirement 11.3 of the PCI DSS.

  • Ongoing coverage

    We can carry out continual assessment of vulnerabilities, alongside comprehensive pentesting, for consistent risk management coverage.

Improve your security

Our experienced team will identify and address your most critical information security concerns.