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Incident readiness

Even in the most secure environments, security incidents are unavoidable. With an ever-accelerating arms race between attackers and defenders, being ready to respond to an attack is key.

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Why prepare yourself?

Every business should have tested and comprehensive incident response plans in place before they’re needed. Having these plans proactively demonstrates due diligence to customers and cyber insurance providers looking to understand your maturity.

If you’ve been involved in a red teaming exercise or a real incident where your response was slow or poorly-controlled, you’ll know how crucial it is for every stakeholder to know how to act during an emergency.

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How we help you prepare

Part 1: incident response planning

Our incident readiness services include helping you put your incident response plans together and reviewing them with your teams to make sure they’re fit for purpose.

When creating your incident response plans, we take the time to understand how your business works. This involves: 

  • Getting to know your organisation
  • Establishing your compliance requirements
  • Identifying and engaging your interested parties
  • Mapping your key processes
  • Understanding your technical estate  

We then use this information to create a tailored incident response plan that can be tested regularly, along with detailed playbooks addressing the likely threats to your business. 

Part 2: incident response tabletop exercises

Once your plans are in place, we run bespoke tabletop exercises to prepare stakeholders and train them in your incident response processes. 

Our incident response tabletop exercises give you assurance that your plans will work in a real-world situation. As well as providing this important validation, the interactive sessions cover all the applicable roles – from first responders and incident managers to risk owners, communication teams and legal counsel.  

Covering the full end-to-end lifecycle of incident response, our tabletop run-throughs help you iteratively improve your plans, identify gaps in coverage and meet compliance requirements – all in a realistic manner that addresses your key threats.

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  • A plan everyone can follow

    We’ll prepare a comprehensive and clear incident response plan to guide your stakeholders throughout an incident. This is tailored to your business and your threats, so you know the plan can be effectively applied.

  • Detailed playbooks

    You will have clear playbooks facilitating incident responders to make the right decisions during an incident. Playbooks allow for real thought and planning – without the pressure.

  • Incident readiness exercises

    Tabletop scenarios give your stakeholders experience making emergency decisions, and helps everyone understand their roles and responsibilities.

  • Limit damage

    Detailed response plans help you contain incidents faster and more comprehensively. This means better recovery for your organisation, and less harm caused by any breach of security.

How we work

The Cyberis way

Made for your business
Our discovery exercises give us comprehensive insight into how your business works and how best to overlay incident response plans to make sure they work for you.

Return on investment
Incident response planning is a proactive step that provides concrete improvements in your information security resilience. Alongside preventative security programmes, response planning provides returns by preventing damage during an incident.

Stay ahead of attackers
Gaming through a comprehensive incident response plan is a great way of highlighting areas where you might need to invest more in controls or facilities – before these gaps can be exploited during a real breach.

Get everyone on side
We’re highly experienced at achieving stakeholder buy-in and know how to demonstrate the value of these plans to people across the business. Effective incident readiness is not just the IT department’s responsibility – it’s up to the whole business.

Why Cyberis?

Accredited by the best

  • CREST member

    We’re fully accredited to provide Cyber Security Incident Response services.

  • Effective expertise

    Combining the attacker mindset with defensive expertise, our incident response plans are highly effective and address the threats most likely to harm your business.

  • Your own plans

    We tailor plans and playbooks to your business so they’re simple to use, and you can recover quickly.

  • Fresh perspective

    We’re independent, which means we can look at your business with unbiased eyes to identify the most effective tactics for the threats you face.

Improve your security

Our experienced team will identify and address your most critical information security concerns.