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Continuous vulnerability assessment

In today’s business environment, continuous vulnerability assessment is considered critical. Annual penetration tests are no longer enough. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) recommends that organisations perform monthly vulnerability assessments of their entire estate. We simplify that process.

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Why do you need continuous assessment?

Annual penetration testing doesn’t provide sufficient live information about how much risk your business is exposed to. While detailed pentesting effectively identifies technical risks within systems, networks and applications, it’s simply too expensive and time consuming to conduct such exercises regularly.


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How does it work?

Our continuous vulnerability assessment service can scan your external perimeter, website and application estate, and internal systems on a regular basis – daily, monthly or weekly. This ensures a continuous baseline of security assurance between comprehensive penetration tests, and provides warning of any new vulnerabilities. This practice is recognised by common industry control standards such as the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Our vulnerability scanning provides a systematic assessment of security at regular intervals, helping you minimise the window of opportunity for adversaries. We can provide a range of reporting and additional services to assist with prioritising fixes.

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  • Proactive information security

    Our continuous vulnerability assessment model moves you from a reactive security position to a more proactive one. This quickly identifies changes in your security posture – such as new services or assets which have been deployed – to manage risk accordingly.

  • Cost-effective protection

    A more proactive, continuous approach is much more cost-effective at managing risk in the long term. It allows for the swift identification of issues, allowing your business to demonstrate how your security has progressed over time.

  • Sets the security standard

    Running continuous vulnerability assessments can help you achieve business goals. For example, it helps validate the performance of managed service providers who are responsible for the maintenance of an estate. It can also help in providing evidence to support compliance programmes and meet insurance requirements.

How we work

The Cyberis way

Ongoing confidence
Continuous assessments between more in-depth penetration tests means you can maintain a continual record of security risk management – rather than all activities being focussed on a single point in time.

Adapted to your needs
We tailor our packages to your aims and budgets, making sure that you get the best value for money, while still achieving your risk management goals.

Practical outputs
We offer assistance and advice to make sure your team understands the results of our scans – we can also help with planning efforts to address any security risks we’ve uncovered.

Why Cyberis?

Accredited by the best

  • CREST member

    We’re fully accredited to provide penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services.

  • Delivered with expertise

    Our vulnerability scanning is based on the best tools in the market and provided with a clear understanding of current risks.

  • Quality assured

    Our services are covered by our ISO9001 Quality Management System and our ISO27001 Information Security Management System.

  • Project management

    Our project office keep things simple, scheduling convenient dates, putting you in touch with your lead consultant, and making everything run smoothly from day one.

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