When you deal with sensitive and valuable data on behalf of your clients, trust and data protection are key. As legal firms are attractive targets for many adversaries, we can help you protect both your clients and your firm.

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Secure your clients’ data

As a legal firm, you could be targeted for many reasons. Handling large payments for commercial and personal clients means that compromising your payment processes can lead to immediate financial payoffs for cyber criminals. You also handle commercially and personally sensitive information – something which appeals to adversaries engaging in industrial espionage, political activism or personal vendettas.

Customers need to trust that you’re storing their sensitive files and data securely. Any breach could lead to significant reputational risk. At the same time, regulations such as GDPR mean that your obligation to protect personal data is more critical than ever.

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Proactive protection

No matter how large your law firm is, you could be a potential target for attack, and can benefit from information security services. Our tailored programmes address your points of greatest exposure and help secure any networks, platforms and specialist applications you use to handle sensitive data. We can also help you prepare for any incident that might occur, so you’re ready to contain damage and recover quickly.

Why Cyberis?

Accredited by the best

  • CREST accredited

    We’re a certified provider for penetration testing and simulated targeted attacks, and are a member of the NCSC IT Health CHECK Service.

  • We know the industry

    We understand the motivations and skills of adversaries who target the legal sector, and bring this experience to our consultancy.

  • No threat too advanced

    Our highly-qualified, security-cleared staff are well versed in countering the most advanced threats facing organisations today.

  • Quality assured

    We operate an externally-audited ISO27001 Information Security Management System and we are IASME Governance Gold audited.

Improve your security

Our experienced team will identify and address your most critical information security concerns.