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Red teaming (adversary simulation)

We operate full-chain adversary simulations using our experienced Red Team. Using threat intelligence and thorough research allows us to simulate a targeted attack using the same tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) as your adversaries.

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Adapted to your business

Each simulated attack is tailored to the threat profile of your business and the risks you face. Where penetration testing focusses on the technology, a Red Team simulation targets people, process and technologies to gain a full picture of your resistance to attack.

Rather than look for individual weaknesses, we use our understanding of the attacker mindset to identify attack paths within your environments. Along the way, we simulate the TTPs of threat actors and give your internal response teams a chance to practice their skills. We cover the whole remit of operational defences, and the full chain of attack incorporating social engineering, malware introduction, lateral movement, privilege escalation and action on objectives.

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Uncover strategic investments

Red Team simulations assess your defences against real-world attack pathways and realistic threats. They allow you to evaluate your incident detection and response capabilities in a true-to-life setting – identifying gaps in technical control coverage, as well as any training needs.

A Red Team exercise can identify areas where additional investment in controls, people or processes is needed to reduce risk, and to emphasise the business impact of exposures in systems, networks and processes.

A well-executed Red Team simulation can improve the capability of your internal detection and response teams, help you focus strategic spend in information security and demonstrate your resilience against a realistic attack.

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  • Targeted to your needs

    We can cover the whole gamut of Red Teaming – from comprehensive full-chain attacks simulating advanced threat actors to assumed compromise scenarios and internal threat simulation. We’ll tailor our methodology to meet your objectives and support your business goals.

  • See the business impacts

    Our Red Team is comprised of highly qualified, experienced consultants who go beyond the immediate technical risks to highlight the business impact of any attack paths they identify. We work very closely with customers during assessments to share knowledge – illuminating problem areas and real-world business solutions.

  • Spend where it matters

    Our Red Team simulations help assess the efficacy of the controls you have in place, and your detection and response procedures. We identify blind spots in coverage of controls or processes which can be addressed. We can also assist in focussing strategic spend to achieve the best information security outcomes.

  • Detailed reports

    Our reports are comprehensive – detailing attack chains used during a simulation, weaknesses identified, and analysing the efficiency of your detection and response procedures. We also provide information on long term and strategic weaknesses which support investment in information security.

  • Engaged at every level

    During any simulation, we’ll engage with the right stakeholders at all levels – from technical personnel handling system maintenance to executive boards trying to make strategic budget decisions. Our debrief sessions emphasise the right messages at each level to achieve the objectives of the simulation.

How we work

The Cyberis way

A controlled environment
Every Red Team exercise carries an element of risk, since we target employees and live systems as part of the scenarios. We use a highly-skilled team to run our simulations within a robust risk-management framework. And, we work closely with our customers to make sure simulations are highly controlled and safely executed – all while maximising benefits.

For any budget
There’s usually a balance to be struck between the realism of a simulation and its efficiency. We manage this, making sure you meet your objectives and receive value for money within budgetary constraints.

Practical recommendations
Our reports are focussed and actionable, so any findings we present are simple to decipher. When a simulation is complete, we work with you to focus remediation work on the right priorities. Where we identify weaknesses in detection and response, we can help improve internal processes for greater resilience.

Why Cyberis?

Accredited by the best

  • CREST approved

    We are accredited to provide Red Teaming services under the Bank of England’s CBEST scheme, the GBEST scheme and the CREST STAR and STAR-FS schemes.

  • CREST qualified

    We have highly-qualified staff, with CREST Certified Simulated Attack Managers and CREST Certified Simulated Attack Specialists.

  • Safety in every sector

    We’ve delivered Red Teaming across sectors such as financial services, government and retail – adapting our methodology to simulate the relevant threats.

Improve your security

Our experienced team will identify and address your most critical information security concerns.