Public Sector & Government

As a public sector organisation, you handle sensitive citizen data and run high-profile projects. This puts you under constant attack from sophisticated adversaries with diverse motivations – including nation-sponsored threat groups, politically-motivated activists, and organised criminal gangs. When you’re up against some of the most advanced threat actors in the world, robust information security is key.

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Experienced threat detection

The threats you’re facing can impact national security as well as individuals – so there’s no room for mistakes. We have worked with central government and the public sector for more than a decade, helping to identify and then secure vulnerabilities in systems, applications and services.

We have significant experience in penetration testing, technical assessments, and the review of build and configuration in various environments – from traditional on-premise setups and hybrid cloud adoptions to agile DevOps environments. 

We focus on understanding your security requirements, concerns and expectations for the platform in question – concentrating on the key risks.

We’ve supplied GBEST and GCASE services to central government since the schemes started. Through these programmes we highlighted immediate tactical weaknesses as well as long-term strategic security weaknesses – helping our customers improve their information security resilience.

We’re a Crown Commercial Services supplier and can be contracted through the G-Cloud and Cyber Security Services frameworks.

Why Cyberis?

Accredited by the best

  • Part of the NCSC IT Health Check Service

    NCSC has validated our methodologies and practices and found that they meet the high standards required for membership of the scheme. Our personnel have demonstrated advanced technical competence in rigorous hands-on examinations, which is required to be granted CHECK Team Leader status.

  • CREST accredited

    We’re a CREST-accredited provider for penetration testing and simulated targeted attack (Red Teaming) with a track record in providing these services to central government.

  • Approved supplier

    We’re a Crown Commercial Service supplier on the G-Cloud and Cyber Security Services frameworks.

  • CBEST provider

    We are an approved provider of penetration testing under the Bank of England (BoE’s) CBEST scheme. 

  • Independently audited

    We operate an Information Security Management System which is externally audited to ISO27001 standard and we are IASME Governance Gold audited.

Improve your security

Our experienced team will identify and address your most critical information security concerns.