Working in education, you are exposed to a great deal of information security risk while facing unique challenges in the way you operate. Our experience working with educational institutions has taught us that you typically work with large and diverse user bases, making you a prime target for adversaries.

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Avoid major disruption

We recognise that any attack could cause major disruption to your organisation. Notable attacks on educational institutions have involved the use of known compromise routes to deploy ransomware that disrupted internal system functions. In this situation, you would need to continue delivering a high standard of education while attempting to recover information – all while keeping parents and stakeholders informed.

Controlling access to content and features is a key requirement for serving your students, but it’s often difficult to implement the kind of controls that many businesses take for granted. Key countermeasures such as multi-factor authentication may not be practical for pupils, and in many cases you might require access to resources from uncontrolled devices. 

On top of that, you’re likely facing challenges in budget allocation, trying to organise complex supply chains with several different integration levels, and managing security with limited internal resources. We can help.

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Measures that work for you

Initiatives such as Cyber Essentials for Schools are a good first step to improve information security, but with today’s opportunistic threats becoming more advanced, you need to do more to secure teacher and student data and protect yourself against service disruption.

We understand the challenges you face and can offer helpful advice to help reduce risk in key areas.

Explore your exposure to cyber security risk

We believe schools and colleges can benefit from assessment of their cyber security resilience posture via active real-world attack simulation techniques, using penetration testing approaches.  By focussing on the attacks most likely to penetrate defences, we can help schools focus budgets in the right areas and protect learning outcomes.

Download our Executive Whitepaper exploring how real-world cyber attack simulation can help your school assess its resistance to attack. 

For your IT teams, our Technical Briefing Paper gives more detail about how we execute cyber attack simulation to get the best real-world outcomes.

Image displays the front page of two whitepapers - one is an executive briefing on the case for real-world attack simulation in schools, and the other is a technical briefing paper on the same topic.

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    Our team has experience working in the educational sector and is familiar with the threats and challenges you face.

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